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Choses À Faire

Move out of apartment and return home
Submit job applications une fois deux fois
Get a job
Enroll Noah in CGC Course
Complete CGC Course
Get Noah CGC Certified
Get Noah's shots updated une fois
Teach Noah to become a chart delivery system for Mom
Send barrages of paperwork to Sweet Briar une fois deux fois trois fois
Send transcript request
Finish Campus France
Make appointment at Consulate
Go to Consulate for Visa appointment
Get Visa
Clean the kitchen
Clean the living room
Clean my room
Help Mom clean her room
Clean the office
Call carpet care specialist
Have carpets treated
Purge all gluten from house
Go through closet and donate clothes to Goodwill/throw clothes away
Make appointments: Eye doctor, doctor, unmentionables doctor, dentist
Go to eye doctor, doctor, unmentionables doctor, dentist
Get contact lenses

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